About Me

Hello I am Lydia Grote, a rising senior at The College of William and Mary pursuing a degree in biology and marine science. Upon graduation, I will be following up my Bachelor of Science with a master’s degree in secondary science education from The William and Mary School of Education. I am often described as clean cut and organized, but I am also willing to get my hands dirty for the sake of research and education. One of my favorite experiences so far was taking a two week field course in Wachapreauge Virginia, where I was often covered in mud while researching and collecting mussels.

My Call To Action

Ever since I was young, my love for the ocean and outdoors has driven a large part of my life. As a small child I often could be found outside playing in my backyard, frolicking through tide pools, or attending nature camps. Beginning my science career in penguin husbandry and research, I felt a disconnect. Something was lacking in my personal and professional life. I looked to the most fulfilling parts of my life, such as tutoring and community outreach, coming to the realization that I wish to pursue science education as a career path. This blog outlines my progress through the summer, interning with an environmental education non-profit in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH. 

Please feel free to reach out to me through my contact page or Linkedin.